Fiji Girmit

On 12 March 1917, recruitment of workers in India for indentured work in British colonies ended by law. Thus, 12 March 2017 would be the centennial of this event. To mark this event,  a major International Conference on ‘Girmit’ (Indian Indentureship System) is being convened. The Conference is scheduled for 22-24 March 2017 in Lautoka, Fiji. For details, click:
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1979 marked the centennial of the first arrival of Indian Indentured workers to Fiji. To mark this occasion, a number of academics, social workers, and community organisations, in association with the Government of Fiji, Government of India, and the Fiji Sugar Corporation, established the Fiji Girmit Centre.

2004 marked the 125th anniversary of the arrival of Indentured Workers from India to Fiji. A number of events were organised by a number of organisations throughout the country. The Fiji Institute of Applied Studies marked this occasion by:
1. Launching, and
2. Resolving to establish an independent University in Fiji. This resolution was given effect with the establishment of the University of Fiji in 2005.

The 2017 events continue in the best tradition of the contribution of Girmitiyas to the development of Fiji, the Pacific, and the world.